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Bones Nutrition and Training utilizes the Trainerize App to deliver custom, easy-to-follow Nutrition and/or Training programs straight to your phone or other smart device. Keep track of your progress, have easy access to your custom plan, access multiple helpful resources, and communicate with Thomas all in one place! Trainerize also has syncing capability with My Fitness Pal. Consistency is key. Sticking to your plan and meeting your goals has never been easier!

Take a look below at the programs available.

Are you ready to invest in yourself? 






Picking a plan can sometimes be overwhelming. If you aren't sure which route you want to take, it's a good idea to schedule a consultation. Click the link below to contact me, and we can go over all of your questions and get you on the right track. 

Lyndsay A

"Thomas was so easy to work with! I feel the best that I've felt in so long and the program was really easy to follow. I highly recommend!"

Morgan B

"I highly recommend Bones Nutrition and Training. I love the Trainerize App!" 

Adam C

"I was having the hardest time getting back on track. Once I started programming with Tom, I finally started meeting my goals. It's worth it!"
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